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Jacques Larson | Commune.

Jacques Larson

Jacques Larson

The Obstinate Daughter / WIld Olive

About Me

In 1996, Jacques Larson moved to the Lowcountry from Iowa City. The Iowa grad had cooked his way through college and had the good fortune to help open Peninsula Grill in 1997. Other than a short stint with Jim Noble in 2002-03, Jacques has made Charleston his home. He had been at the helm of a few restaurants during that time, but in 2009, Jacques united with Doug Godley and the Team at Wild Olive. Years of dedication and persistence seemed to come together for the chef on John’s Island. Working with Jason Parrish to create one of Charleston’s favorite restaurants has given Jacques a true sense of accomplishment. It also sparked the two to help conceptualize Wild Olive’s sister restaurant with Doug Godley. Bringing together some of Jacques’ favorite cooking styles and influences, the food of The Obstinate Daughter is an accumulation of 20+ years of working in the hospitality industry.

My Project