Kevin Getzewich

Kevin Getzewich

One Broad; Frm. The Macintosh

About Me

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Kevin Getzewich began cooking when he was just 15 years old. He graduated from culinary school at Wallnut Hill College in 2005.

After graduation, Kevin worked at Savona Restaurant, a classic French restaurant in Pennsylvania where he was the sous chef for two years. From there, he served as sous chef under Chefs Jennifer Carrol and Eric Ripert at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia. After two years, he took a position as the executive chef at the Mahogany House, a luxury resort in the Bahamas.

In 2011, Kevin moved to Charleston, SC, where he staged at McCrady’s, and then was the sous chef at Two Borough’s Larder for two years. He joined the Macintosh in July 2013 where he serves as the sous chef.

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